A Mechanical Engineer Talks Sense – How The World Was Changed

In today’s article, we are interviewing a mechanical engineer who has been more than willing to share his point of view about the world and the changes which have been recently made in this area.

If you want to learn more about mechanical engineering general as well as here are five of view from a mechanical engineer your mortgage that welcomes read the following post. Also, feel free to comment and give your point of view on the following questions.


Has The World Changed?

The first question we have our interviewee is whether he believes the world has changed and in which respect, to which he replied:

“No, I do not believe the world has changed that much, more like it is ever changing. Growing. Evolving. Certainly, from an engineer’s perspective, technology has changed, and I truly believe that whatever people do and whatever people come up with is just a natural process of growing as a society.

All of the innovation and technology certainly comes from our needs. Just like the people needed the first tools, it is how they need some things today. Certainly, the evolution of the world and the people is going to last for quite some time, but that only means that the people are constantly changing.

This is how I see it. If you change as a constant, not something which is out of the ordinary but something which is permanently true. This is why you have to allow people to change the world, and you have to have tolerance for people work changing themselves.”

Will Mechanical Revolution Kill People Eventually?

I also wondered what he thought about all those apocalyptic visions of the future, so I asked him this question, and that is what he had to say about that.

“I truly believe that everything people make is work of the purpose of good. That is why I truly cannot understand the concept of making something which will eventually turn on people. I think that everything that had such potential has certainly been made unintentionally.

The majority of people I am familiar with, all our engineers and developers, are constantly working on fixing the world. In that respect, it is safe to say that the majority of scientists are only working words in helping the world rather than destroying it.

It is why I have faith that the world will survive, and good people will find a way to navigate through all hardships that we may eventually face.”


Is There Something You Wish You Have Invented?

“I wish I was the one to invent the air balloon! The entire concept of using such simple elements to achieve something which has been so extraordinary for people for thousands of years certainly appeals to me, but alas – I was born too late!”


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Author: Lawrence Aldridge

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